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Application is out!

Nordforsk: Call for proposal Japan-Nordic Frontier research for Healthy Longevity.

A grand effort from the Intraks team; finally, the application was sent to Nordforsk. If granted, it would be of great help to administer and coordinate the multicenter study and the arms of the study; with a high focus on healthy longevity osteoporosis is one of the great challenges in age, Computer tomography motion analysis (CTMA) is a new CT assisted technique to measure movement, it is a great asset and will aid the research of complications after adult deformity surgery. We look forward to strengthen our bond to Japan and the other Nordic countries.

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One year left of inclusion!!

We have one more year of inclusion for the study, users and investigators keep up the good work.

Training UpDate

Extended exercises Level 1-3 for the non-surgical patients. The UpDate will soon be complete.


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